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Comparing Web Hosts: SiteGround vs. DreamHost

If you are setting up a website to manage, the first thing to do is to find a reliable and manageable web host. Whether your site is for business, marketing, promotion, media or personal purposes, your chosen hosting service will define your presence on the web. Also, your site’s host will be instrumental in managing tasks, dealing with technical issues and handling online volume. Today, many web hosts have been popular online but two are absolute standouts if ratings, customer support, and features are to be considered – SiteGround and DreamHost. Thus, it is necessary to compare these two based on important web host aspects for the knowledge of web managers:

Dreamhost Vs SiteGround


Both web hosts have been proven to exercise a 99% uptime with SiteGround inching up few decimals better than DreamHost. The quality of services that both web hosts provides is top notch and excellent. SiteGround has been well-known to provide well-crafted hosting solutions that focus on designing platforms – StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek- suited to the expertise of a specific client. On the other hand, DreamHost is known to be a reliable host for WordPress, specifically regarding with content management, backups and their security options specific to WordPress. Overall, both web hosts are indeed reliable and competent for small-to-medium site levels.


While Dreamhost utilizes a different control panel, SiteGround uses the full-featured cPanel as a control panel. The cPanel is known to be a user-friendly graphics interface and automation tools control panel designed for simplified use. Getting used with a specific hosting control panel is vital as features, icons and contents vary from each panel. There is nothing dislikable about the DreamHost panel, but the basic and easy to understand control panel is exploited by SiteGround.

Technical Support

Both web hosts have ticket support, comprehensive how-to’s and guides, and useful discussion forums. SiteGround’s advantage is its employees who actively respond to live chats and even phone calls, which DreamHost does not have. Additionally, SiteGround has meet-ups around the world to personally get in touch with their technical support team. These things are testaments as to why SiteGround is known for their outstanding customer support.

Server Locations

DreamHost has a single server in North America while SiteGround has three servers across the globe located in North America, Europe and Asia. This will certainly result to better performance and connectivity.


In this last yet important parameter, DreamHost has the edge by providing unlimited storage and bandwidth for only $8.95 per month as compared to the $7.95 per month for SiteGround that has a limit of 20GB space. For beginners, SiteGround is generous with their 60% discount that suits your initially slow site traffic.

SiteGround is mostly an option for beginners that need serious technical support and fast hosting service. Dreamhost is a perfect choice for those blogging for quite some time already which expects a higher traffic in their start time. Overall, these two web hosts are user-friendly, pocket-friendly, and are definitely pro-users, which is obvious in their specialized and well-designed platforms. Click here for more information on Dreamhost compared to Siteground.